Insulating buildings is a necessity that ensures the proper functioning of our home. Well-made insulation is a guarantee of keeping warm on winter days and a significant saving of money.

Having an older building, we should consider the method of insulating our home (known also as thermal modernization). We provide thermal insulation to most buildings. Most of all,  we deal with thermal modernization of single-family houses. Services are provided not only for thermal, but also acoustic insulation. A well-chosen material can significantly soundproof street sounds, which is important in the case of large cities or busy streets.

We offer:

  • Mineral plaster – It works best in areas with low air pollution. It has high vapour permeability and it is easy to apply. This is one of the cheapest thin-layer plaster available in light, pastel shades.
  • Acrylic plaster – It is a material commonly used by contractors because it is easy to apply to the wall. This plaster has strong, saturated colours, which is impossible to achieve with mineral plaster.
  • Silicate plaster –It is flexible, resistant to the harmful effects of weather conditions and highly vapour permeable. It is recommended especially in regions with high air pollution. It comes in pastel colours.
  • Silicone plaster – It is resistant to weather conditions. It is  highly vapour permeable and flexible. It has any colour from the RAL palette.
  • Mosaic plaster – Its decorative effect is extremely attractive. Mosaic plaster is durable and mechanical resistant. It is mainly used on surfaces particularly exposed to damage.