Installation of sectional, rolling and overhead doors in a garage or outbuilding improves the safety and thermal insulation of the facility. It also increases its value and comfort of use. Investors appreciate this type of garage doors also for functionality and aesthetics. However, to be sure that the gate will fulfill our expectations, we must measure and install it correctly. These activities should be carried out by a specialist who will know what to pay attention to.
Below are some very important aspects regarding the installation of garage doors.

Installation of the door in a building shell

The garage door mechanism is sensitive to dust, so installation should only take place after the interior is completely finished. The installation of gates in an unfinished building will interfere with the completion of plaster and bricklaying works. In addition, substances contained in mortars, paints or preparations can permanently damage the surface of the door and its drive.

Sectional door guides are unevenly or not securely fastened

Most gates, regardless of the opening method, require the installation of guides. It must be done carefully. If not, unstable fastening may cause the guides to be unbalanced and it may cause the door damage. In extreme cases, the gate falling out of the guides also threatens the safety of users. That is why it is so important to choose the right mounting pins from reputable companies.

Gate springs installed incorrectly

An important element of each sectional door is the gate spring system, thanks to which even large and heavy garage doors can be opened manually without the use of significant force. Springs installed in various places should always be installed in the direction of the windings. A door with incorrectly installed springs will not work properly, therefore, before installing the drive, make sure that the door leaf lifts slightly and without resistance when it is opened manually.

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