External roller shutters can be installed in several ways, depending on the building’s capabilities and customer preferences. In new construction, flush-mounted roller shutters are most often used, where the guides are mounted on the window frame, and the shutter box is above the window. The box is covered with polystyrene when making the facade. This solution is very modern and aesthetic. In this case, it is important whether the lintels were insulated at the construction stage. If this operation has not been performed, we must additionally use special aluthermo foils insulation to prevent the lintels from freezing. Another possibility is the adaptive system. In the case of an already completed facade, the blinds are mounted in the window recess. Choice of controls is the next important step. In new buildings, we have more possibilities, because at the stage of assembling the electrical installation, we add the wiring needed to connect the roller shutters. At this point, the customer can use the remote control or wall switches. In addition, we can add a smartphone control system. There are several solutions for installing external roller shutters and it is up to the customer to choose the option that will meet his expectations.

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