Wiśniowski sectional garage doors

WIŚNIOWSKI has been a pioneer in combining product functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to the INNOVO panel, the door achieves the best thermal insulation parameters and at the same time gains an outstanding aesthetic effect inside the garage. Its closed structure and 5 layers of folded sheet steel at the hinges assure structural rigidity, while the filling made of a highly insulating 60 mm thick foam along with special covers and seals give the excellent thermal insulation performance. Inter-panel covers allow to obtain thermal insulation at the level of 0.9 W / m2K.
Many new security systems for structural elements and mechanical parts have been used in the Wiśniowski doors, ensuring maximum user safety.
The heart of the gate is the reliable SOMFY DEXXO PRO drive. Photocells, anti-theft blockade, obstacle detection, emergency opening battery are just some of the advantages of this drive. The precise configuration of the driveline combines great technical properties with full control, comfort and safety.